Activities for experienced, sportive people

Surfing in Hawaii is a kind of sport for experts. You must not mix it up with ordinary wind surfing.

The Hawaiians already went surfing at the time when Captain James Cook landed on the islands in 1778. The experts surf on breakers which are thirty feet high (at the coasts in the east and north there are the highest breakers especially in winter). This is much too dangerous for beginners. They should try it first at Waikiki Beach near Honolulu, where the breakers are quite decent. It is a good idea to take lessons.

You can also learn how to water ski here. Popular areas are protected bays and the rivers Huleia and Wailua on Kauai.

The most popular sailing boots with the Hawaiians are boats which resemble the Polynesian fishing boats. They have two or three hulls - catamarans and trimarans. You can learn how to handle them in the holiday centres. You can also hire canoes.

Fishing is very popular - either in the surf, near rocks or at the landing stage. Yet the most exiting thing to do is go deep sea fishing.Charter boats are available in some ports - in Kailua at the west coast of Big Island and in Lahaina in the west of Maui.

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