Hiking, riding and playing golf

Recreation trails lead across most national parks, state parks, forest reserves and other nature reserves.

They offer good opportunities to perseverant hikers to experience the various regions of the volcanic islands.You get information on camping facilities at the Division of State Parks (Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, State Building, Wailuku on Maui HI 96793) and from the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club (Box 2238, Honolulu, Hawaii).

Playing golf and tennis is very popular here. There are tennis courts galore in this Pacific recreation area. But the same applies to golf courses which is not surprising if you take the passion of the Americans for playing golf into consideration. Most of the courses belong to hotels or recreation centres, but you can play as a guest after you have paid your green fees.

Horse riding in the classical sense is not popular. But you can hire horses on Big Island, Kauai and Maui - on Molokai you can get mules. You can join guided rides into the mountainous areas which you cannot reach by car. Guided rides across the craters of Mount Haleakala on Maui can be warmly recommended. The mules are not stubborn and know their way, so that also inexperienced riders can stay in the saddle without being scared.

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