Like to see real Hula?

Feast at LeleThe Hula dance which is to typical of Hawaii is an ancient fertility dance whose tradition was interrupted for a century. It has been revived in our time.

The Hula dance today is no longer what it formerly was in the tradition of the Polynesians. What you can see today is a dance which is taught in schools. There are courses for children as well as for adults. We must admit, however, that the Hula dance is not taught for the sake of the tourists (although they profit from it) but it is taught because the Polynesians love it.

If you book early enough you can experience a big Hula competition - if you are lucky. These events are meant for the inhabitants and they are sold out very quickly. The most famous annual events are:

The King Kamehameha Festival: picturesque parades, rodeos, traditional Luau banquets and other attractions take place around the 11th June, the day of the beloved king Kamehameha I. Hula dance and singing competitions are the climax of this festival in Laie on the island of Oahu on the 11th June.

The Merrie Monarch Festival: Hilo on "Big Island" is caught by the Hula fever. All the Hula schools of the archipelago take part. You don‘t need tickets for some events but a lot of patience for queuing up.

The Prince Lot Hula Festival: It takes place on the island of Oahu in July. You don‘t need tickets for these events; the dancers perform in the open.

Lei Day: Every year a competition in Lei- making takes place in Kapaiolani Park in Honolulu on 1st May.

The Aloha Festival: the five bigger islands celebrate for a week (Oahu, Hawaii and Maui in the second week in September, Kauai and Molokai at the beginning of October).There are parades, balls, Hula shows, Luau banquets and outrigger boat races.

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